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Welcome to SignatureBarricades.com

Steel Barricades & Crowd Control Barricades for Powerful Crowd Control Capabilities

Your one-stop source for barricades and barriers for crowd, perimeter and traffic control direct from the manufacturer. SignatureBarricades.com offers a wide variety of barricades - steel, water-filled, plastic, and even expandable types - offering practical, effective and affordable security, crowd control, perimeter control and area delineation. We offer a wide selection of crowd control solutions that will suit every venue, facility, event or application.

CrowdStopper® Steel Barricades

  • Most popular type of crowd control barricade
  • Made of high-quality galvanized steel
  • Used in police depts, municipalities, facilities and complexes all over the world
  • Available in Galvanized Steel, PVC-Coated Orange and Black

WaterCade™ Water-Filled Barricades

  • High-visibility effective water filled barricades ideal for controlling vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  • Practical and portable alternative to cement barriers
  • Great for construction sites and all kinds of special events

Plastic Barricades & Fencing

  • Choose from 2 barricade styles - PolyCade™ and RotoCade™
  • Attractive, lightweight and high-visibility alternative to steel barricades
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Plastic barricades expand and contract easily


Perimeter Fencing

  • Portable steel fencing ideal for perimeter security, crowd control and area delineation
  • We offer chain link and no-climb wire mesh security fencing