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CROWDSTOPPER Crowd Control Barricade Guide

Complete line of steel "bike rack" barricades for security, traffic, and crowd control.

CrowdStopper steel barricades are in wide use at concerts, special events, sporting events, parks, parades, and anywhere an easily transported crowd control barricade system is required. All of our CrowdStopper crowd baricades are made from ultra-durable steel tubing and feature an easy-to-use hook and half-loop connection system and your choice of removable feet.

CrowdStopper crowd control barricades are available in standard steel or powder coated black or orange. Call us now at 972-684-5736 to speak with our sales representatives for your steel barricade needs.


Choose the CrowdStopper Barricade that's best suited to your application:

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bridge foot barricade

GS01 Bridge Foot Crowd Control Barricade

Suitable for use over uneven surfaces, making it our most popular model.
flat foot steel barricade

GS02 Flat Foot Crowd Control Barricade

Best suited for use over even surfaces, and can be anchored in place. This model is best when tripping hazards are a concern.
CrowdStopper Cart


CrowdStopper Transport Cart

For use with either model of CrowdStopper or CrowdStopper GO, each cart can hold up to 30 crowd control barricades.

economy version

  Crowd stopper

Lightweight barricade for easy installation and transportion

CrowdStopper GO is a portable, lightweight version of our traditional CrowdStopper barricade. A reinforced foot and two-point connection system make the panels durable and effective at nearly half the weight. CrowdStopper GO is an economical alternative to our traditional CrowdStopper option. Pedestrian gate panels are available in high-visibility red.

Crowdstopper specifications

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