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Special Event Fencing by Signature Fencing

Complete line of products by the Event Fence Specialists at Signature Fencing

Signature Fencing offers a variety of attractive crowd control solutions that will compliment the mood and decor of your next event, while keeping your guests moving in the right direction. Several models accommodate signage that can either be used for marketing, branding, sponsorship, or directing guests. Check out our line of steel crowd control barricades or water filled barricades for heavier duty applications.


Choose the upscale fencing solution that's best suited to your event:

Traditional Fence

SP01 Traditional Style Event Fencing

Attractive white vinyl fencing, use with SP02 Display Panel, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
Picket Fence

SP02 Picket Style Event Fencing

Attractive white vinyl fencing provides crowd control in iconic style.
Display Panel

SP03 Display Panel

For use with SP01, display panel accommodates signage and offers branding and sponsorship opportunities.
Lattice Fence

SP06 Lattice Style Event Fencing

Attractive white vinyl fencing provides indoor and outdoor crowd control for special events.
outdoor event fencing SportPanel

SNP01 SportPanel Outdoor Event Fencing

Ideal for outdoor sporting events and athletic tournaments.
PolyCade plastic barricade

PolyCade Light-Weight Plastic Barricades

Ideal for crowd, perimeter, and traffic control, a very popular choice for outdoor special events such as carnivals, parades, fairs, concerts, and festivals.

RotoCade plastic barricade

RotoCade Oversized Plastic Barricades

Oversized plastic barricade can be filled with water for extra ballast. Ideal for outdoor sporting and special events.