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FortressFence™ 1 – Portable / temporary high-security fencing

High Security Temporary Fencing Features


The Signature FortressFence is the perfect high security, multi-purpose fence panel. Use FortressFence to provide perimeter security, crowd control and area delineation. Whether you are looking to provide security at your next event, to close off a construction area, or to protect equipment and product from theft and vandalism, the Signature FortressFence is the perfect choice. Each fence panel is durable, stable, and easy to install. Sections can be mixed and matched to create a variety of fencing configurations. Each FortressFence panel is manufactured using durable, 16-gauge, hot dipped galvanized tubing and a welded, no-climb, wire mesh panel. Sections interlock using easy to install clamps and your choice of metal, plastic, rubber, or concrete bases. Add wheeled gates, fixed wall mounts, flower basket rails, and privacy screens depending on your application.


Ideal for perimeter security, crowd control and area delineation – especially outdoor special events and festivals, indoor and outdoor storage compounds, retail display areas and enclosures, warehouses, tool rooms and private property

Manufactured using high-quality 16-gauge steel for maximum strength and durability

Modular design allows for an endless number of configurations.

Single-wrench construction makes FortressFence simple to install and remove. FortressFence can be assembled by 2 people using one single wrench.

Hot dipped galvanized – eliminates rust, rot and corrosion

Maintenance free

No-climb wire mesh is welded to steel tubing to form a strong connection to the joints making Fortress Fence difficult to climb or penetrate

Stronger and more attractive than chain link panels

See options and accessories



FortressFence™ 1 – Options and Accessories



FortessFence™ 1 SPECS

  • Variety of lengths (4’-10’) x 7’5”
  • Made of 16-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Meets standard security requirements

FortessFence™ 2 SPECS

  • 2 Standard Lengths (10’ and 14’) x 7’5”. Other sizes available.
  • Gate Kit is available
  • Meets standard security requirements
qty FF 1 $555
qty FF 2 $444